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Questions from yesterday…

How can we hack together virtual systems and physical objects to allow free play to co-exist in both virtual and physical space?

  • How can we build virtual and physical spaces that support human creativity as opposed to homogeneity?
  • What happens when virtual play and physical play co-exist in the same space?
  • Why are most Future Kid Tech Play Environments just dark rooms with interactive projections?
  • Why have playgrounds become more and more boringly “safe”?
  • What can we learn from Adventure Playgrounds?
  • What are the implications for when “work” and “play” are no longer separate activities?
  • Why are certain jobs more fun to act out? (ie. fireman, doctor, vet, soldier, waitress etc)
  • What would happen if more obscure career choices were elevated to a “fun” status?
  • What are the affordances of combining high-tech and low-tech materials?
  • Why do we accept the arbitrary but standard interface metaphors for our everyday software?
  • Why has technology become more and more rectangular?
  • What can we do repurpose our quickly outdated technology for idiosyncratic desires?
  •  What are alternative ways to store & access information other than a database based on tables?
  •  How can we make work more fun not just for children but also adults?
  •  What types of highly specialized objects can compliment our homogenous screen based bricks?
  •  How can we integrate interactive media into physical space that allows for personal & meaningful experience and is not just reactive?
  • What happens when mashups move beyond the screen and into the real world?
  • What does a hacker’s mindset add to design? architecture? play?
  •  Who will design our future tools?
  • What opportunities are there for reframining the uses for our urban spaces?

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