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Why are certain “jobs” more marketable as fun things to simulate? 

For instance, why are there so many Military style games? I personally have no interest whatsoever in being a soldier, and those games have very little appeal to me. But apparently training young (mostly boys) to want to be part of the military is important for recruitment, and thus a valuable idea to instill into them as patriotic Americans.

But what other skills do we value?

If I could choose a fantasy job it would probably be a serial entrepreneur. Wouldn’t that also be a valuable skill for people to at least think about as an option? I don’t think I even knew what an entrepreneur was until after college. What if it became part of the world of fun? But without it being too much of an “educational game” of course. And how could this game actually bridge the gap between fantasy and reality?

Serial Entrepreneur: The Game 

I’ve been talking with Matt about this idea for a game (initially just called Serial Entrepreneur: The Game) since it is sort of overlapping a bit with his business interests. The basic constraints of the game are fairly simple:

  • Jump up and up
  • Collect a certain number of connections/business cards
  • Collect 2 ideas
  • When enough cards & ideas are collected the ideas merge to form a new Startup
  • Create as many start ups as possible before your time runs out
  • If you fall, you end up back in a cubicle.
  • In the end you can use the generative logos to create actual business cards that can be printed.

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