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I was listening to a few of these podcasts from friends on play. The ones that seemed the most relevant to me were Episode 3: What We Mean By Gamey and Episode 6: Collaboration In Games. Some notes from the 2 episodes:

What we mean by gamey:

  • Gaminess is an immersion killer.
  • Things that don’t have a direct corollary in the real world kill immersion.
  • Points and achievements are an abstraction of progression.
  • Extrinsic motivations are artificial and gamey.
  • Breaking or changing the narrative rules kills it.
  • Present the rules of the world and stay true to those.
Collaboration in Games:
  • Some like local collaboration in the same space combined with virtual collaboration around the world.
  • Hard part is the symmetrical real time aspect.
  • Rockband is a good example of roleplaying to enjoy the collaborative aspect.
  • There’s a spectrum of collaboration from non-competitive to combative.
  • Successful collaboration usually entails different roles but the same goals.
  • Interesting systems allow for organic player collaboration & temporary alliances
  • So called “social games” lack any meaningful collaboration since there’s no greater goal.
  • Social games’ collaboration is usually driven by personal gain + developer values.
  • But social games also have to deal with asynchronous play.
  • Maybe they need some team based global struggle?
  • Needs to be able to communicate & play together for a shared goal.
  • Needs to enable emergent collaboration and emergent creation.
  • As scale goes up the sense of collaboration often goes down.
  • Are people collaborating or consuming?
  • There’s more room for social collaboration.
  • Before digital games almost all games were inherently multi-player.

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