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Went to Indiecade  today. I sort of totally forgot it was happening until this morning. There were lots of interesting indie games there including a card game about applying to college. I talked to one of the game designers while playing for a little bit. He said the game had been very well received by both high school counselors and students. I asked about the impact the game had on students real life application process and I guess he said it made them think about it differently. I wonder how much of a difference the game actually makes to the high schoolers but it’s still interesting. Lots of just lovely looking games too.

I think the most interesting part was the talk/workshop by Mary Flanagan called Values At Play. I feel like this values centric design process is exactly what I’m trying to get at with things like the serial entrepreneur game. I like the notion of “Critical Play” and setting values goals as part of the design process. I find that many of my values align with the VAP toolkit pretty well. Although I would say Privacy is pretty low on my list of values personally, maybe because I’m an over-sharing online kind of person.

We also played a meta game called grow a game, which is basically a card game about game design. It is also closely related to the Serial Entrepreneur game. We have been talking about taking off the screen and into the card world for several reasons. One is that we like the idea of using actual business cards (or at least the format of them). I also like that it can become more multi player and more complex as a table top game. The other idea was a massively multiplayer real life game where you would be gathering cards from real people around the city. I think there’s lots of interesting ways to go with the general idea of generative start up creation.


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