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A quick manifesto assignment from last week. I think I could spend some more time fleshing this out to connect the dots. Some of the feedback was that it wasn’t very clear how the different sections related. But I think it’s a good start, and helpful to sort of reduce things down to some points.


We believe technologies should create and facilitate spaces for humans to work and play in their own way.


  • Technology must foster human relationships.
  • Technology must allow humans to act human.
  • Technology must be enjoyable to use.
  • Technology must democratize human power.
  • Technology must be adaptable.


  • Spaces must allow for emergent behavior.
  • Spaces must allow for arbitrary rules to be bent and broken.
  • Spaces must be potential spaces of possibility.
  • Spaces must nurture our humanity and individuality.
  • Spaces must be editable.


  • Play must promote our values.
  • Play must cross cultural divides.
  • Play must thrive in all environments.
  • Play must be for everyone.
  • Play must be free form.


  • Work must never be boring.
  • Work must always be rewarding.
  • Work must never just be a means to an end.
  • Work must nurture our curiosity.

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