Microsoft Productivity (The Sequel)

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Ah finally… it’s been 3 years in the making but Microsoft Productivity The Sequel has finally arrived…  And with the same cast of characters! (Oh Ayla Kol, what are you up to this time?) Let’s play a game shall we? It’s called try and guess which of the two images is Microsoft’s 2009 vision of the future of productivity and which is the 2011 vision of the future of productivity.

I can’t really tell the difference either, but the left side is the “new” stuff. Apparently Ayla and Qin are still stuck in their sterilized parallell Microsoft Productivity universe. I feel bad for them. At the end of the first one it looked like Ayla and Qin might have had a budding romance. But I guess Qin is still too busy showing off his artist palette/cutting board/tablet’s ability to throw things onto a bigger screen. And Ayla’s daughter is still missing her jet set mother. Now I sort of want to make a spin off comic book fan fic series about Ayla and Qin’s lives in their parallell universe.

Actually to be fair their new and improved world does seem to have some new efficiency enhancing technology, but I guess some things never change (click to see full res):

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