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Play Slideshow

Written by on 2nd October 2011 in Experiments, Thoughts with 0 Comments

Here’s a video of the first working prototype of “Play Slideshow” (apparently the name Keypoint is already an actual app), an alternative interface for slideshow presentation creation. The text was randomly generated using an online bullshit generator and the images are some of the many stock images I happen to actually own of “business” people.

It’s pretty rough but all the mechanics are there. Basically every 20 seconds (pechakucha style!) it goes to the next slide, restarting the process.  I wanted to put a countdown timer in there, it seems like it should be easy, but I couldn’t get it working yet. But I think that would help with making it seem less like a random jump. It’s obviously a lot like Tetris in its physics, but unlike Tetris you don’t clear anything off your screen. Instead you sort of just keep playing for as long as you can stand playing it. I actually played it for about 6 minutes. It’s surprisingly relaxing.

It was built pretty quickly in Gamesalad. I am loving how fast the prototyping is with this. I was originally going to animate in AE but I think it’s actually easier to build the working prototype and not have to deal with rendering anything! I think the best part about it is that it’s helping me understand the overall logic without getting stuck debugging stupid semantics. If I were to build it out further and for real I might try doing it in something else but at least this way I understand what I would need to do to get it going. The benefit to building it out in something else would be the ability to import the user’s own content folder, being able to save out the resulting slides, and being able to make legitimate Classes! Maybe there’s a way to do it in GS but I haven’t found it. I’ve just been copy and pasting a custom behavior onto all the dropping objects.


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