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A sort of productive yet unproductive day:

Went to Game Empire with Matt to check it out (and bought Carcassonne) Lots of “hardcore” boardgames. I’d like to go back and actually play with some of the people there and do some experiments with them.

Met with Thomas from Lust briefly today. Interesting to hear his perspective on the work I’ve been doing. He seemed to be particularly drawn to some of the earlier ideas about rethinking interface metaphors but less interested in the game side of things.

Also met with Tim, who generally seemed into what I’ve been up to lately. I’m enjoying my little experiments so far and having fun doing my research, which I think is a good sign.

Finally got around to playing with the Sifteo SDK. After struggling a bit through the initial set up, I was able to load my own image onto the cubes by modifying an existing demo app. Super exciting just to be able to do this much! I feel like just being able to put my own art work on them (even just in their 8-bit glory) opens up a whole bunch of new possibilities.

As a side note I spent the majority of yesterday working on a brief essay for Norman’s class. I was writing about old American dime museums and amusement parks, which I find totally fascinating. I also found this quote to be totally relevant:

The amusement entrepreneurs examined the machinery arrayed before them, designed to employ a vast work force in producing millions of durable goods, and saw instead tools they could employ to create new forms of play for those vast numbers of bodies

Immerso, Michael. Coney Island: The Peopleʼs Playground.

I feel like we’re sort of in a similar time where tons of things are possible and people are just starting to understand what they can do with all this technology.


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