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A Productive Hour 

The timer goes off and automatically logs me out of Viewland. I pull my hand out of The Black Box and take off my glovatar. It’s time to FocusSwitch again, but I forget which mode I should be in. Did the last 30 minutes count as a work-unit or a play-unit?

In the telepuppet meeting with Sasha and Quinn we had been collaborating on building a new structure for the space. But since the generatabot was chugging along just fine on its own we mostly just gestured about the things we were going to do in Viewland the next time we had a free Viewland play-unit.

Quinn mentioned San Francisco’s imagery had just been updated to include a new Marcade. Maybe we could all go over to tackle some Accounting Quests. Sasha and I agreed it could be worthwhile, and planned our strategy for later. So I guess that counted as a work-unit after all.

I move over to the Co-Journalist Box, and start to brainstorm what I could submit today. I decide to write a story about the new Marcade and submit my 500 word article to the system. The editrons parse my submission, pay me 5 acti-points, and grant me access to today’s articles.

A story that was growing in popularity finds me. A hacker group figured out a way to both fool the skin detection algorithm and enable two-way audio transmission in The Black Box. They were able to enter Viewland without wearing a glovatar and speak to one another with their own voice! The system registers my excitement level and lets me read more.

Don’t get me wrong, the androgynous and ethnically neutral glovatars were great. They had created objective and non-discriminatory activity environments. And, as advertised, Gesteranto had successfully enabled cross-cultural and politically neutral communication for all.

But sometimes I just wonder what the other users are actually like under those gloves. Sometimes I miss the sound of people talking. Sometimes I long to reach out and just touch my collaborators. But I know that might trigger an HR-harassment script.

I quickly pluslike the article just before the timer goes off again. My glovatar hand goes back in The Black Box, but I can’t stop fantasizing about that hack.

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