Big 3D printing

Written by on 2nd November 2011 in Sketches, Thoughts with Leave a comment

I got this idea in my head going to bed last night. It involves “3D printing” large objects using a large spool of plush “sausages”, with various textures printed on the fabric, as the printer material. The image above is just a rough collage sketch. But I’m thinking this might be awesome. I bought some off white fleece tonight and plan make a lot of sausages tomorrow. I’m thinking this might be a way to prototype being able to 3d print my First Person Creator objects. But also just a fun alternative way to think about making 3D things.

The trick is figuring out how to join things together. I was initially thinking magnets but maybe that would make it a little to complicated for now. So I just got some velcro. Also trying to figure out how to make things that can stand up in a solid way and not just collapse… Something to ponder as I sleep tonight.

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