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2011 MDB game came to an end on Friday. Afterwards I tallied up the results: how many dots on each person’s board, how many times each person appeared on another person’s board, number of badges created, number of badges collaborated on, and total badges overall. Salvador & Jessica both tied for 1st place most helpful overall and Brooklyn & John tied for second. Matt M. created the most badges. And Mike had the most orange dots. I also made little award certificates (and certificates of participation) where the end badge was generated (by me, not code) using the badges and dots they had on their board. So everyone’s end medal was personal to their experience.

Overall I feel like it was a good experiment in creating a large scale, asynchronous game. From what I’ve heard it seemed to inspire some increased helpfulness and socialization. I know that I at least felt more social within the studio than I had been in the past few weeks. Level of engagement ranged from feeling competitive to sort of passively playing. Some people proactively went out of their way to talk to people they wouldn’t usually talk to, while others just used it to log the interaction just as it happened. I think creating the cumulative award badges at the end was also really interesting to me. In the end I felt like the game actually simulated the benefits of online networked culture in an interesting way, since it was really only possible to do well by helping other and having help from others.

So overall it seemed like a relatively good exercise in creating a game system to encourage social collaboration within a real social network. But now I think I need to leave it for a while and let it sit, maybe returning to parts of it later on.

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