dotspot & the fading light

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This showed up in my Facebook ads today….A case of successfully targeted advertising… These dotspots allow your iPhone to take panoramic video without any stitching.

So in relation to the other stuff I’ve been looking at, how does something like this fit into things? I think it’s pretty awesome (and I would totally want one if I had an iPhone) but maybe still doesn’t quite have the same feeling as those little cinemagraphs or timesculptures. I think it’s the fact that video footage is just a little too accurate at capturing what actually happened, not what could have happened, and doesn’t quite leave enough mystery…

“Sometimes real life doesn’t give you all the right material,” I said. “So you have to invent something that’s true to the feeling you had, the feeling you’re trying to get across, even if the thing you invent didn’t actually happen. It’s an idea from Werner Herzog. He calls it the Ecstatic Truth.”

“I think you told me,” she said.

“A lot of people don’t understand that,” I said. “They get all hung up on details. Did this happen, did that happen. But it’s not always about what happened. Sometimes it’s more about how you felt when you were in it, what it made you think of, what it could’ve been, or what it almost was. It’s less about what happened, and more about how it really was, which is something else and something more.”

- Jonathan Harris The Fading Light

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