Escape the Map. Escape the Camera.

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I met with Jon Rafman (who does the 9eyes project) on Friday before colloquium. He seemed pretty into the experiments I was working on, though more interested in the idea of app of some kind that would scale and that everyone would have access too instead of the specialized boxes that only a few people could experience. I told him I was interested in the scaleability of an online application too, and that sort of runs parallell to the tangible interface.

Escape The Map from Alex Dunning on Vimeo.

A really interesting reference he gave me was this Escape the Map campaign for Mercedes. The “interactive” version is better than this little preview of it, although it’s more of a film with some barely interactive elements. But I do love the idea that all these blurred people sort of just wander the streets like zombies. And the idea of wearing a blur to fit in…

I sort of wish it was actually just a longer movie instead of trying to be this not-quite interactive thing. Though I do appreciate the part where it asks for your phone number. I’m assuming if I lived in the UK it would actually call me which is pretty awesome. I like the idea of getting a call from The Map. Sort of relates to an earlier thought I had about getting mail from The Map.

Streetview Freeze Tag the middle of writing this post just now I got inspired to make up an Alternate Reality Game based on this idea of getting blurred and frozen in time. Like modern medusas, the street(view) team runs around to tag people. Touching a person activates the camera, thus capturing them. The person then freezes in place and puts on a mask that blurs their face. I’m not sure if they should be able to get un-frozen like in regular freeze tag… Maybe it’s just a timed thing so you try to tag as many people as possible in 10 minutes and then the teams switch.

Hmm.. I really like the idea of running a game like this that can happen in a really public place, allowing by standers to take part by default. And I feel like I’ve been working in the screen world too much still and need to get projects out that happen in the real world.

I also like the fact that Google sells these shirts so the “drivers” could look all official like.


How to build a fake google streetview car

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