Interfaces for editing (sketches)

Written by on 6th November 2011 in Sketches, Thoughts with Leave a comment

A Tangible Interface for simultaneously editing a world through a birds eye view & a first person view. Aarti and I have been playing a lot of Carcassonne lately. There’s something quite relaxing about forming towns and roads with those interchangeable tiles. I imagine  a similar system that uses map tiles that also gives you a street level view. Also you could add elements and see them automatically appear in the space.

A screen based interface for customizing individual tiles and updating the collective panorama. This one seems like it would be kind of easy to quickly prototype using the google shared doc + embedded image tiles technique I used to make the bingo boards. The only downside is the animation part… I REALLY want it to have the ability to add animated elements and not just stills…


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