Kickstarter Project Launched

Written by on 25th November 2011 in Experiments, Portals, Thoughts with Leave a comment

I just launched a Kickstarter project for the Portals, check it out!

Having to describe the project to a public audience (both in the video and the descriptions) has really helped me think about the implications of the project and what I’m trying to do with them and the next steps involved. It also at least got me to come up with a name for the things other than “magic black box.”

I also sort of feel like going through the process of making a Kickstarter campaign itself is sort of part of the greater project since I’m sort of looking at the effects of our network culture, like the little experiments with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. I also really hope I can reach the funding goal, not just for the funding but for the opportunity to make the rewards for people, as I think collectively those could also be really interesting projects in themselves.

And now for the next 9 days I really need to focus on writing the first draft of my thesis paper…


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