Low Resolution Soft 3-D Printing & Interacting

Written by on 4th November 2011 in Experiments, Thoughts with Leave a comment

I spent the afternoon making a 2 yard long plush sausage. I was hoping to make quite a few but the one took me quite some time to make and stuff, so I’m just playing with this small length for now.

What does a low resolution large scale 3D print look like? What if the material varies? Left side are the raw “prints” of a sphere and a cylinder, while the ones on the right have textures mapped to them to suggest a kickball and an armwarmer.

And what does a low resolution large-scale3 3D print look like in a space? What if you could print out the sketch so you have 3D graffiti?

And sort of tangentially while playing with the plush sausage I sort of started to feel like it could be an interesting interface device. Perhaps with sensors inside or perhaps just through the computer vision pattern recognition or something… initially I thought about it as a way to do some 3D modeling.. but maybe its more of a way to augment your communication with another person?


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