My Right Hand Man

Written by on 17th November 2011 in Experiments, Portals, Thoughts with 1 Comment

Super quick little test to see if I could get a “telepresence” system. You can see Rubina & Dustin’s hands in the same space on screen even though they’re in separate locations. Obviously the chromakey is pretty awful cause the second “set” isn’t lit properly at all. But I think it at least gets the idea across as a proof of concept. I also don’t mind the crappy resolution all that much cause it helps add a layer of abstraction to the people.

I didn’t make a second box since I don’t have another monitor right now. I bought a little 7 inch USB monitor (see it face down on the floor) but I’ve been having trouble getting the full screen video working on it. I was thinking the larger monitor was too big before, but I sort of feel like it’s actually not bad. I was hoping the little one would work just so I could have a shoebox sized box, but maybe it’s too small now that I look at it.

I feel like it’s a super simple little system but it has lots and lots of possibilities. I can imagine magnets on the people so you could move them around from below. Or a system that can identify the objects being brought into the world. Or.. lots of other things! Exciting!


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  1. [...] to have two people in this virtual layer. I was able to get a very rough, version of it working (see example with Dustin & Rubina). But the chroma key is so crappy and not really working like I would [...]

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