Portal Prototype v2

Written by on 20th November 2011 in Experiments, Portals, Thoughts with Leave a comment

A slightly more refined (foam core & duct tape) version of the box, which I’ve decided to start calling a Portal. Also a couple prototype videos showing what it could be like to have two people in this virtual layer. I was able to get a very rough, version of it working (see example with Dustin & Rubina). But the chroma key is so crappy and not really working like I would like. I think I just need much better lighting and higher res cameras. So the video below is sort of a half real half fake prototype. I’ve also been thinking about what your hand could do while inside the box, for instance rubbing a surface to navigate the space like a giant lazy susan. Or having push buttons in the space that could trigger other things so you’re actually interfacing with something inside the box?

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