Rolling in the street

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A few weeks ago I was talking to Andrew about the street view stuff I’ve been playing with, and how I was trying to figure out how to get animated GIFs in there. He had played around with making custom panoramas in the past so he dug up the old file and swapped out the panoramic image for an animated gif, and it worked! I had initially been thinking about it in terms of having the regular image with some sort of animated marker on top. I hadn’t thought about having an entire tile actually be an animation.

He shared the code, but with the bingo game + science fair + writing the lit review I didn’t get around to looking into it until today. All I did was put in my own animated pano, but it works, you can zoom & pan!

Check out the interactive gif here. 

The kitty gif is not mine. I just found it from the internets, although as a side note this is my trail for coming across it this morning. (Sometimes I just like thinking about the chain of events and people involved that lead me to a particular thing):

  1. Dustin posted a PBS video about video games on my Facebook wall
  2. I watch & enjoy said video
  3. Click on another related video about F.A.T. Lab
  4. They mention so I check it out
  5. End up on Jeanette’s page where I found the kitty gif.
  6. I repost kitty gif on my tumblr.

I was really intending to be doing more of the physical making stuff. I really want to be making more sausages and things with my hands right now.

But for some reason I can’t stop playing with this street view stuff. And I can just watch that kitty rolling in the street for several minutes at a time. What I need to figure out is how to actually tile things together, as this is just one very large gif. I can imagine that if it were to gett really big it would be very sluggish. The fact that each tile could be a potential animated gif is super exciting to me… because what if you could edit each of those tiles individually, in a crowd sourced kind of way? I’m imagining being able to create your own animated tile, save it, and have that dynamically load into the street view viewer again…

The frustrating thing is that I know conceptually it would be super easy to do it if I had the code chops. I can think about the flow of how it would work and what sort of things I could need to do. But when I start getting into the details of the code for creating the whole thing it’s a little overwhelming. Maybe it’s cause at this point I’m still ironing out the big picture stuff, that dealing with the details is too much to worry about at once…


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