Rolling Kitty IRL #1

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So one of the things that came up during my meeting was to think about a bunch of different ways I could have something like my Rolling in the Streetview appear in the world.

So this is a a quick initial experiment with a very low-fi “lenticular” animation, although there’s no lens. It’s just two frames, cut up into strips, interlaced, glued down and folded like a fan.

Advertisers use this sort of thing for billboards and posters and direct mailers all the time, but I think the interesting part is using for non-advertising purposes, and  having it relate to the space contextually.

I think the end result is kind of fun. I just realized afterwards that I could have printed a photo of the background behind the kitty instead of just having white, which would have made it seem sort of “transparent” and I could have used a clear acrylic stick instead of the wooden one. Perhaps those are things for version 2. Putting it on a stick also makes me think I’d like to make an animated protester sign. From one view it can say “FOR” and the other side “AGAINST” for the flip floppers out there.

Other thoughts that came up while making this was thinking about using the surface of blinds to toggle between two frames. The added bonus to having blinds is that in theory you could see through to the real world and maybe it would appear to be “augmenting” it. Also if it was on some sort of mobile (on wheels, not not phone) device it could be placed anywhere.

I think what I really like about this sort of low-fi version is that it doesn’t require any sort of screen or projection so it works in the daylight and doesn’t really need any technology so people could potentially print these out and take it outside themselves.


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