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Pano View

Editing Interface

Quickly prototyping an interface for dynamically editing a panorama, based on Media Design Bingo technology! Basically just made a Google Drawing for each of the 3 tiles that create the panorama, and then embedded them into a page together, except this time clicking on one of the tile opens up the editor window, making it more of a continuous interaction. (One of the comments I got from the bingo game was that people wished the main page with all the boards let them access the individual boards.)

HIT me up.


I also wanted to see what type of things people would do with it so I created a HIT on Amazon Mechanical Turk to get it going. I’m offering up $0.25 for up to 20 people to edit the panorama in some way. I know people like Aaron Koblin  have explored the potential within Mechanical Turk in the past, but I still think there’s some potential for other interesting things to emerge from there. Plus it’s just kind of fun to play with. We’ll see how it goes, hopefully by the end of the day it’ll be full off stuff…

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