The Roundabout

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A very rough initial prototype of what an interface for these manufactured landscapes might be. At this point it sort of just seems like a fancy knob project. I’m thinking that I could embed some of these little RFID’s into each of the tiles so the car knows which tile its on… The only bummer is that the car, which would be the reader, would have to be considerably larger to fit the RFID reader. Plus a USB cable sticking out the side…

I’m thinking it would actually be easiest to just get a clock motor thing to power the arm so I don’t need to make a servo thing. Plus if it’s just a clock motor it would in theory be easy to coordinate what’s happening between the tangible device and what you see on screen. But on the other hand, the idea of a more fluid idea of time is also kind of interesting….

for the Romans, the length of an hour varied by the season.  Twelve hours of daylight in December required shorter hours than twelve hours of daylight in June.  The length of the hour varied between two extremes:  45 minutes long at the winter solstice and 75 minutes long at the summer solstice.   Our hour divided (no matter what the season) into 60 minutes and 3600 seconds is a creation of the mechanical clock, which of course was unknown to the Romans.  The Roman based the time of the day on their observation of the sun and the shadows it created.

Also, a side note maybe there is a separate tangible interface for adding things to a tile, so it’s not all in one thing.

Oh! And thanks to Sal for helping me re-find that reference I was looking for..

yuri suzuki’s soundchaser:

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