Animating & Drawing in the Portal

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I got the new HD webcams which are really nice, except that they’re maybe too good for their own good… When I put the green screen in the back it tried to white balance for the green and totally shifted the colors. Also testing the light sensor animation based animation spot, but for some reason the color doesn’t translate right so you can see a big difference…

I switched over to just using white paper, which put the colors back to normal, but this means I can’t use white in any of the objects… I guess it might be better though cause then I can back light it too to get rid of shadows.

Since I had the white paper in there I thought I’d try some drawing. Or rather, I asked Dustin to draw for me since the hole is on the left and he’s left handed…

Dustin's drawing inside the portal

Dustin's drawing in the real world

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