Committee Review & Open House

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Monday’s committee review went pretty well I think. Overall, lots of good feedback that basically encouraged me to keep going with the Portal and adding more features and pushing it to its extremes. They mentioned that my instincts had served me well so far so I should continue to keep experimenting and adding more. A few notes:

  • look at possibly physically locating the portal in the physical space.
  • think about the portal as a new modality of interacting with space.
  • maybe the illusions could be considered “gimmicky” but that’s ok
  • play up the “magical” and visual tricks
  • cinematic solutions being applied to a different problem of interaction design
  • add more features
  • tie in the cinematic qualities
  • not just a background image, but more of an interactive environment
  • more precise interaction and layering of more reality
  • connect to the navigation

And then last night at the open house / holiday party thing it was fun seeing different people interacting with the box in their own ways. The little kids seemed really into it, which makes sense since it’s pretty playful. I really liked when people started putting their own objects into the box and interacting with it on that personal of a level.

As a side note, I was on Lake the other day when a pano shooting car drove by. Of course I ran after it to get a picture. I don’t think it was a Google car though because there wasn’t any sort of markings and I’m fairly certain the Google cars are all branded. But it was interesting to see the rig set up and everything. But maybe it WAS a google car and I actually will be there in a few months time! Hopefully…

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