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Finally went and picked up some lights to try out. Found a nice set of LED strips and some ultra thin pucks. So I built a little foam core back lit stage to eliminate casting shadows. Its basically just a light box folded in half, though it took a lot longer to make than I thought it would. You can see bits of the lights inside cause I didn’t have enough foam core to make proper sides, but it works for now. I think ultimately I would want to cut it in acrylic. The mylar from Kizu works really well to help diffuse the light.

Also made little lamps/stands for the front lights. Probably not the most efficient or sturdy way to make the things, but I sort of like how they look, they’re a little quirky and kind of reminds me of my old stochasticity space.

Here’s what it looks with everything inside. Looks like a real little stage. Except for the Christmas mug holding up the little webcam.


And here’s the result of all that… Look at that chroma key! So clean and lovely. It still breaks a little, but it’s not really the lighting’s fault at that point, I think it’s just cause the camera is trying to re-white balance or something when there’s a lot of change to the scene. But I sort of don’t even mind when it breaks because the grey tone seems to sort of fit. Though I could probably still work on the lighting positioning.

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