Testing Animation

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Testing the animation. I set up a mini open portal for easier desktop testing for now. It almost works but you can see the seams of the animation because my duct tape mounting job allows the camera to droop a little bit. But the real test was just getting it to activate the animation. Right now it’s just using the light sensor, which isn’t exactly ideal since it breaks the ground plane.

I spent quite a while frustratingly trying to get code to work to enable a timer to delay the playback (like if it’s on the spot for 3 seconds, then play the animation) but I realized it was easier to just render out a video with 3 seconds of blank at the beginning.

I was going to try messing with RFID tags to swap out backgrounds, but I fried my reader. (First time I’ve seen such immediate smoke!) I ordered another but it’ll be a few days.  New webcams should be coming in tomorrow so hopefully I can start working on a slightly updated box for Monday that incorporates the animation and a changing background image

I’m also really into the idea of having a round window. Partially inspired by these lovely dioramas by Patrick Jacobs.

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