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Making a second light box. These foam core ones are just for now. Once I get they layout of the innards more planned these’ll probably be cut from acrylic I think.

See those tall thin pieces of wood behind the boxes? I was originally going to make a cube frame out of those and then get some material to make the sides. But when I went up to the wood shop on hill side the shop instructor convinced me that was a pretty bad way to make a cube cause it would be super hard to assemble straight. Instead he suggested I just build it out of MDF, which would be both easier and cheaper, at least for now. This is just suppose to be another “draft” of the boxes, not the final ones. But I really like how these turned out, way nicer than i had expected. I think for a more “final” version I would just use a nicer wood that I could stain to look nice. I’m really thankful for the shop guys’ help. It also helped to get more comfortable in the wood shop, cause even though I’ve had shop classes in like high school the wood shop is still a little intimidating to me.

Also put a hinged lid on the boxes to make it easier to get things in and out! Only real problem was that the opening in the front was about 1/8 of an inch too small for the screen, which is also sort of better than I had expected considering I didn’t have the exact measurements of the screen when I was in the shop.

Today Dustin helped me shave that 1/8 inch bit off with a jig saw, and I was able to ram the screens in there perfectly. Yay! I was initially hoping to have everything self-contained, with the laptop and power strip and everything inside the box. But I quickly realized it was getting too messy with all the cords and my computer was really unhappy in there, so there’s still going to be a fat stack of wires running out the side of the box.

And here’s the pair of Portals together! I still have to get into the technology side of things. But it’s really great to finally have a pair of Portals that are in a solid  and consistant enough form to be moved around while still keeping things consistant on the inside, since before I was just disassembling my end-table-foam-core pile every time it moved. For the Kickstarter peeps, I think I’ll be making a little laser cut plaque with people’s names on it so I it can travel along with the boxes as they get updated and improved.

Ok.. and that’s week 1/14…

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