Teleportaling Tests

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Spent the past few days hooking up the magic/technology to start working on what I’m calling Teleportaling.

In the first few tests I was working on just getting things set up and working.

  1. Get it to work just using my laptop camera, using google video chat. This worked with just my regular camera but ran into a lot of problems when I was trying to use camtwist and the portal cameras.
  2. Get it to work with the portal camera (being held by duct tape), layered on some footage. The duct tape failed me. As it got warm in the box the adhesive would loosen and the camera would slowly drift downwards, and the lights would just fall off. so I had to figure out some alternate mounting options.
  3. Camera secured with Velcro, which satisfied both my need to be strong but removable. I layered pre shot footage + live portal feed + and random live broadcast from UStream just to test the collaging of multiple feeds.
  4. Right portal real time + teleportaling / (Left portal is wrong). I was able to get one box to transmit it’s camtwist feed to ustream, but not able to get the other box to transmit its feed while appearing on its own screen. Thus the right one works while the left one sends the feed to the right box before the left box sees it. This is obviously a problem since you need to be able to see what you’re doing.
  5. Individual teleports. Without layering the left and right feeds I’m able to do the teleportaling, but of course not being able to see your own feed isn’t optimal…

In this video, I’m finally able to get both sides to have real time feeds of their own activity while layering the feed of another. Only the right box feeds to the left right now because I don’t have enough cameras. The right one works because there’s actually 2 cameras in the box. It seems that I can’t have the same camera feed being sent to camtwist AND ustream producer at the same time. But at least this is pretty good test of it almost working. I ordered more webcams but those will be in tomorrow so for now I wait. Perhaps I’ll spend the rest of the day working on those kickstarter rewards.

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  1. I HAD NO IDEA YOU WERE FILMING THAT!! haha so funny.

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