Animations & Avatars & Eyes

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Been working on some of the animation bits and getting everything correlated to the specific characters.. I only have 14 different marker objects right now, but I think that might actually be plenty. Keeping track of all of them and their individual values is sort of a lot to deal with right now.

I have also been thinking about the Real World equivalent of these things, and have begun to think about how to modify the real world space, through the portal space. Some initial ideas included projections but I would prefer to avoid using a projector. The current thought is to have large scale versions of these characters as big cardboard cut outs (which I’m calling Avatars) in the space and on wheels, which can be remotely controlled by the small scale markers within the box. I printed one out large yesterday to see what the scale shift would feel like. It’s definitely a different feeling being able to stand next to it as opposed to picking it up with two fingers. Below you can see the test print out of the character. The second pic shows the original character and me for scale.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about in terms of getting input from the real world is designing cameras that could be placed around the real space. I’m thinking I would like to put them inside a pyramid shape and hang them about (an obvious but fitting reference to the illuminati eye) it would also be sweet if they could glow as well.

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