AvataRoomba tests

Written by on 24th February 2012 in Portals, Thoughts with Leave a comment

She looks so much smaller outside in the real world. But I like being able to take her outside with me, though in her current stage she doesn’t do so well in the wind. I’d really like to have a bunch of these characters that I can place around town. Maybe the musical ones also play audio as well. All the characters right now are pretty rough sketches, I’m looking forward to developing the character design quite a bit more too. I’m potentially considering making them based on real people.

A few quick tests of the 2D robot/avatar thing. Basically just my character riding around on a roomba. It’s a pretty rough prototype but I feel like it gets the feeling/idea across pretty well. It’s sort of interesting to experience this autonomous avatar in my real world environment. Unfortunately, the roomba is particularly obsessed with getting close to edges.

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