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So now I’m focusing on making my own marker objects, because the little model train people are alright but they’re just not my style. They all look like people from the 20′s. And I want to have custom things. And they’re expensive.

So yesterday I started by trying to sculpt my own little dudes out of fimo clay. This did not turn out as well as I had hoped, and they take forever to make each one. I’m generally pretty ok at sculpting stuff but the scale of these things makes it super hard. They just end up getting squished as I work with them. I think the guitarist turned out alright, but the other two, not so much. They’re ok, but not nearly as cute as I would like.

So I decided to just draw little 2D characters, because I’m much better at that. It’s easier to draw small things than sculpt small things. I like these guys a lot more than the clay ones. They just have so much more character and cuteness.

I also like what happens when they get put into the scene and the white gets keyed out, they just look like these line drawings in the space.

I started playing around with having the markers play related audio. In these tests the musicians play some music from a street carnival in Holland (as described in the geotag from

Next thing to try is some animations…

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