Remote Flash Mob

Written by on 9th February 2012 in Experiments, Thoughts with Leave a comment

I had a sort of tangential idea I wanted to test out, which I’m calling the Remote Flash Mob. Basically I was interested in taking the feeds of dancers in 2 different locations and combining them into one space as if they were dancing in the space together. I gathered some volunteers and did a quick test run of the idea last night. Unfortunately for whatever reason I wasn’t able to key out the green in the combined feed, which sort of defeats the purpose a little. But it was still a good experiment to test the fidelity of the network and the synchronicity. In the original idea I had imagined people being in completely different spaces but for my first test I just had them on opposite sides of the room with a projection in the middle so I could see the difference and the time delay. The lack of bandwidth causes a huge lag. And it was actually sort of inconsistent as well. So overall the test didn’t go quite as I had planned but it I thought it was still a useful experiment. I think bits of it may return later on…

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