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Alright. Now we’re getting somewhere! Got my Unibrain Fire-i cameras with 2.1 mm wide angle lens. I really like these cameras. Everything just looks really sweet through the lens. I also rebuilt one of the light boxes. It has a taller base section to accomodate the camera though it actually helps the light diffuse more as well. New features of lightbox v3 include a hole in the back for wires, a door in the side for maintenance, and more solid side surface things. And the added camera of course.

I realized that the reactivision can actually track fingers as well, meaning the video sketch of my finger dragging the interface is quite possible with the new set up. Only thing is that the finger tips need to be really high contrast to show up in the camera. So I taped some little white dots on my finger tips. I actually kind of like the idea that you might have to dip your fingers in some white paint before being able to use the system.

Here’s what the computer “sees” from under the table (after futzing with the camera settings a bit). The “F” is for finger and the +10 shows its tracking the marker. It turns out I’m also able to scale the markers and use smaller versions of them when they’re well lit and I don’t have the layer of plexiglass.

The new light box is about 3 inches taller than the old one so it sticks up past the opening on the side a little bit right now. For the next iteration of the case I’ll have to adjust for that. I also adjusted the cameras higher and designed a new little lighting rig that allows the lights to be angled and closer to the subject. I like that there’s all this space in the front bottom, I’m thinking I can put some speakers in there. It would be great if I could make all the inner pieces fit together nice and neat, which is something Tim had mentioned last time.

And now after all that, finally a test of the tracking actually working fairly well… In this example I’m just tracking the ID and location (x,y) but I can have lots of other data as well including rotation and speed among other things. The object names are just placeholders. I don’t really want to use vector/CG looking graphics in the environment. All the augmented stuff will be shot stop motion or live action so it fits the environment and overall experience. But for now I’m super happy that at least this works.

So thinking about next steps for tomorrow and the rest of this week:

  1. second light box updates
  2. more marker objects
  3. contextual animations for objects
  4. touch feedback animation for fingers

This Article has 1 Comment

  1. abhishek says:

    highly impressed by the technology…
    never knew the technology is growing through such a fast pace…
    keep it up..

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