USC Mixed Reality Lab

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We went to the USC immersive/mixed reality lab thing on Friday. It was interesting to check it since it’s super related to what I’m working on. But at the same time I felt a little underwhelmed. Why do we need more military simulation VR head sets? I guess I just feel like I’ve been seeing these sort of “mixed reality” applications for the past few decades, so it doesn’t seem terribly new. I’m also pretty tired of people referencing the Star Trek holodeck, as if that’s the holy grail of a mixed reality experience.

I think the most interesting part about visiting is the fact that I have more things to compare to my version of mixed reality, which I feel is quite different. So at least it helps in positioning my project. The other big picture sort of thing I took away from the trip was that it seems most of these projects tend to be rather huge and over powering, and I realized I don’t want that sort of scale. I like small things. I’d like my experience to feel more intimate and human scale. And preferably cute.

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