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Being sick for the weekend & first part of the week sort of slows me down. But I think I’m still making good progress this week.

Saturday Salvador spent a few hours writing some code for me so the poppet animations are pulling in from XML, making it more robust. We only tested with a couple but it seemed pretty sturdy. Also started sketching out a storyboard for the video while Sal worked on the code.

Sunday I spent some time starting to work on the website, though I guess I shouldn’t be worrying about that quite yet. Placed an order for a custom survey marker (see frame 8 of the story board above). Sort of surprising how easy it was to make one, though I haven’t gotten it yet so we’ll see how it turns out.

Monday…was a blur. I have no idea what happened. Tuesday I tried shooting some stop motion elements from various people’s projects to use as customized emoties. But it didn’t turn out quite as cool as I had hoped, maybe just because keying the elements into the scene just doesn’t look that great. I think I’ll just stick to hand drawn animations for now, it’s just a lot easier to control the quality and it looks way better.


Then I decided it would be better to use the weekday hours to use the woodshop, so I spent the next two days working on making the final boxes. I’ve been putting off making them for a while cause I was indecisive about what materials and things to make it out of but I just went with some plywood. It took a solid six hours in the shop to make the things, another six or so to sand the things, and another couple to finish them with danish oil. It’s hard to tell in the picture but they do look much nicer than the MDF boxes and they’re considerably lighter.

I want to get most of the major construction bits of the project out of the way early so I’m not rushing that part at the very end. Plus I’d like to start filming things for the video and I need the final boxes for that..

Ok. So there’s effectively 3 weeks left… time to start planning a bit I think.

  • Week 11 (Mar 25-31): Animation, Character Design, Rovo Refinement, Prop & Poppet Production, Non-Demo Video Interactions.
  • Week 12 (Apr 1-7): Non-Demo Video Interactions + Live action filming & editing, Exhibit Planning, Graphics, Photo shoots.
  • Week 13 (Apr 8-14): Process Documentation, Exhibit Planning, Show Graphics, Booklets, Install Show.
  • Week 14 (Apr 15-18): Install show, Thesis Reviews, 4 Hours Solid, Website, Kickstarter rewards, Party.


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