Lasers: A hardware update

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A quick hardware update.. I finally got to laser cut my pieces for the guts of the Portal. Below, I’ve transplanted the LED’s from one of the old foam core boxes to the new acrylic box.

And inside it’s rather lovely. I know that no one will really be seeing the inside of the box in the box, but it makes me happy knowing how beautiful it looks inside. I am really hoping this is the last set of light boxes I’ll have to make (still need to do the second one). Cause laser cutting white acrylic isn’t terribly cheap. And I’ve made 4 of these things already..

Camera mount design could use some revisions still I think. But this works for now. The cameras are attached to an inner piece which slides out so I can get the cameras in and out more easily if I need to. Removability and adjustability are super important to me..

And the newer version of the lighting mount. The pieces are suppose to sort of fit together like a jig saw, which they do.. but they just dont stay together really. Glue was being too frustrating at 1 am so I just taped the thing together. It works for now.

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