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Pecha Kucha

Put together a p.k. for the open house yesterday. I think it was super helpful to have that as a little pre-deadline for me to organize and properly come up with names for and diagrams for the entire system. The project is now officially called “Portals (and friends)” which I like as a name since it encompasses the box and the other objects, but also touches on the the friends involved in the the whole project. I’ll share the diagrams after Monday’s review since I’ll be showing a similar presentation for the committee review.


Tested a mini-version of the photo rovo this morning using a little RC car. The roomba is nice but not able to go outside. I sort of like that you have to really bend down to get it to photograph you. And while the streetview camera has a sort of ominous looking-down-on-you perspective, this little guy looks up to you.

Next things to think about…

After Friday’s presentation I feel like my overall system is in a pretty good place, and at this point I sort of just need to really refine everything. It seems like there’s lots of time but it also seems like there’s a lot to do still (aside from just getting my stuff prepped for the Monday review which includes a draft of the thesis statement).

I’m starting to wonder if this would be a good time to try and reach out to other people to help me finish the stuff out nicely. I just don’t have tons to spend on hiring people to do this stuff. But I can imagine my dream team would include a developer, a product designer, a character designer/animator, and a video editor.

  1. Code stuff: The interactive bits currently work in a bare-minimum capacity using the widgets, but it’s not very scaleable. I would like to have it coded so that I could expand the content dynamically. I have an understanding of what needs to happen, just not sure how to exactly go about it. I feel like what needs to happen would be pretty simple for someone who knows their stuff. This is the part I’ve been puttting off because I’m a little intimidated by it.
  2. Portal Boxes: How sweet do I want these things to look? I would like them to be pretty awesome looking. Or at least nice. I would love to have an industrial designer or prototyper person who could make them look really nice and finished. Maybe they don’t need to be super slick, but I’d love if they were…
  3. Rovo: The Rovo is the least refined of the entire system I think, but I still think it’s an important part of the family that could use some love. But it’s also less of a focus than the boxes, so I sort of feel like I can’t spend too much time on the rovo until the boxes are in a solid place.
  4. Character Design & Animation: The part that I’m probably most qualified to be working on, which I really WANT to be working on. But it’s getting put at the bottom of the list maybe because I’m not as worried about getting it done. But given my background I would think this should be the most refined part of all.. But at the same time I really feel like how much time I spend on this part of the project depends on how scaleable the code part of it ends up being. If I can only have like 4 active poppets I would focus on making less animation, whereas if I could have a ton I would try and make a lot more or ask some of my other animator friends if they’d like to contribute characters or animation to it.
  5. (Bonus) Process documentation: I have this blog which is nice but I would still like to make some sort of documentation of the process. Some sort of edited video of all the experiments and things. I would definitely love to work with an editor for this.
  6. Kickstarter Rewards: I’m a little behind on these : ( I still need to make the how-to-guide, the augmenters, and a stop motion animation. I’d like to get these done before the show, but they’re still at the bottom of my priority list at the moment while the rest of the things are geting fleshed out.
  7. Website for the project. This should probably be higher in the list since it’s a requirement but I can’t really put it together until the project is done. But this could be pretty quick. Just bought the url for it,

Can I do all these things my self in the next 4 weeks? It feels like an awful lot. Doable. But still a lot. Also, I’d like to make some temporary tattoos with the Portals (and friends) rainbow logo… : )

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