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Monday’s review went pretty well. Here’s a little video of the set up the night before. The laptops were on nicer stands for the real thing. But you’ll notice the fan, which I was using to try and keep my laptops cool. I also pumped up the AC, just to be safe.

The project was generally well received. The main feedback was around the best way to frame the project and present it for the final show. Some felt like there needed to be some sort of use-case scenario narrative of some kind that tells the story of the system a bit better, which I agree with. I think what I realized is that it’s probably time to wrap up the demo-able part of the boxes soon in order to get into more of the video prototypes of the future of the system, because a lot of the things we talked about I could easily show in that format but wouldn’t really be able to show in one continuous demo of the system.

Some mentioned I needed to state my case for why the system is good, or more specifically why this form of mixed reality is better than other types, though I feel like I explained that. But I guess I could be more explicit about that. Perhaps showing other use cases would help showcase the potential. Phil also mentioned that the assets seemed placeholder, which they are. I really need to spend more time on the content part of the system.

Some noted it was good to continue playing with the sense of scale and confusion. And there were opportunities  to push the limitations/affordances of street view more (wished I had shown the videos of my street view tests). We talked about how it could be more site specific or how the sites could be more special. Also another comment about being able to leave something behind and playing up the fact that it’s not really real time.

Technical Notes

Having the system running for an extended period of time I realized that really figuring out the video streaming was a top priority. Having to rely on the internet connection means that when it flickers off the system goes down, so I after the review I spent more time trying to figure out a way to do it without internet for demos. Turns out the easiest solution was just there all along in iChat. Making a local network between my computers and using the video chat in Bonjour is faster, more reliable, and higher quality. I know I had tried iChat in the beginning but whatever set up I had at that point made it not work. But for whatever reason this works now. AND it can use the same web cam feed as camtwist, so the feeds will line up identically on both, and I can have two less cameras in the entire system. I don’t know what combination of settings I had before that was making it not work, but now it does. And I think it might be slightly less intense on my computer than the broadcasting/streaming via Ustream technique I was doing earlier, so that’s a plus.

The lag time between the two is pretty obvious in the video above. But you can see in this quick video below how much better it is now. Code wise Salvador is helping me turn my widget version of the prototype into a more robust code based prototype so I can have more dynamic content. Hopefully I can get all of that sorted out in the next few days.

I have some more ideas about the rest of the system and things but I think I’ll save those for when I flesh them out a little bit more…


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