Thesis Statement

Any machine-formed space or activity is inherently a magic circle subject to its own set of rules. Working with this amorphous space of possibility I play with remixing and looping time while mashing up “reality” in order to raise questions about our experiences with simulations and representations of truth. Looking at Google Street View as a magic circle it becomes a kind of virtual public space, frozen in time, with untapped potential. I am trying to bring it to life and activate the space so it can be more like a real public space, subject to fiction, mutability and idiosyncratic uses by multiple people.

In order to complete the loop from the real world to the virtual world and back to the real world again, I embrace technologically mediated illusions. I play with the uncanny tension between the static and animated within the context of both the real and virtual world. Stop motion animation in particular has a realness in terms of its materiality and motion, but it can still be stylized beyond whats possible in reality. As a medium that exploits illusions caused by playing with time, it triggers the feeling of authenticity which can be manipulated and reshaped.

From an interaction standpoint I also believe that instead of simply designing for efficiency or productivity by removing all obstacles, allowing people to work with constraints and creatively surmounting obstacles may be a more engaging way to achieve a personally meaningful goal. I also embrace networked culture and celebrate the low resolution remix culture as the dominant form of creation. Looking to the network I am also striving to challenge our traditional ideas of co-presence by suggesting alternative illusions of being together.